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So many exciting things have been happening since my last post! Back in March, I was contacted via my website (up-and-coming authors, note the importance of having a website) by a Librarian from a neighboring town, inviting me to attend their Annual Author's Night as a guest speaker. I would be one of ten authors from in and around our county, all of which have previously published books. Of course, I accepted. It was a great honor to be included, or for them to even know I exist. Remember, it was only February since I released Surrogate.

The night of the event was May 11th, and my great-niece came along with me for moral support. This would be my first time speaking publicly, so I was quite nervous. There were tables set up for the authors, and we were to be seated and could set up a display of books which could be purchased and signed afterward.

When my turn came to speak, I was very pleased that all of the other authors had chosen to remain seated at the table while they gave their speech. Although only a handful of people showed up, I was a little nervous in the beginning, but near the middle of the allotted five minute spiel, I felt much more relaxed.

I spoke about my granddaughter, Destiny, and how my brand is named after her. I told of how, knowing that she is looking up to me as a role model for self-worth, I wanted to leave her a legacy of believing in herself, and that no matter what anyone tells her, she must never, ever give up on her dreams. Then a brief synopsis of Surrogate, followed by an emotional excerpt from the book.

All in all, I think everything went well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the other speakers, most of whom were non-fiction writers, and their stories were fascinating.

When it was time to leave, the Librarian who had invited me thanked me for coming. "How can we get one of those?" she asked, referring to my book. Thinking she meant she and some of the other Librarians wanted to purchase signed copies, I said, "Oh, I can sign one for you now." Then she said something that floored me - "No, I mean for the library."

I couldn't have pulled a book out faster if I were a magician, handing it to her and saying, "Thank you so much for asking!" She informed me that she would run it by Regional and get back with me. Yesterday I got the confirmation email that stated that Surrogate is cataloged, and will be in circulation by next week!! I am on Cloud Nine!!

But I am getting ahead of myself. The morning after Author's Night, I awoke to find a friend had posted to my Facebook wall. "I saw your name on the Greensboro News & Record 'Best of Rockingham County, 2017, and I voted for you!" =O

What?? How on earth did I get on a ballot?? But sure enough, she sent me the link, and there I was, listed under Best Authors. I'm listed under my real name, April Shelton, instead of my pen name, but that's even better...this way people see the name and know exactly who I am - even if they don't yet know I've written a book!!

Of course, I have no aspirations of winning, being on the list with a lawyer, a doctor and a minister...but wouldn't it be cool? ;) Just being nominated made me feel like a winner already. I found out a coworker's daughter had nominated me. I thanked her profusely, and she replied, "You most certainly deserve it!" :)

So yeah, I'd day the month of May has been aMAYzing - sorry, I couldn't resist, lol! Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come, because I fully believe that this book is going to take off!

OH! I almost forgot another important thing that happened in May...I started a new book, entitled, "For Keeps - A Surrogate Novel," which will be out by mid-July. It is a spin-off of Surrogate, with Elise, all grown up, as the protagonist. There'll be a post about this coming soon!!

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