This is happening...

As I anxiously await my upcoming book signing on Saturday, I had to stop and take a breath. This is really happening - my lifelong dream has come true. I have fans and a following, both online and off. As I hold a copy of my beautiful book, Surrogate, I know that this is for real.

The fact that I just started writing the book in November and was finished by the first week of February is both incredible and astonishing to me. I remember lots of sleepless nights, but the rest is just a blur of flurried activity and constant, incessant pecking on a tiny keyboard.

You see, Surrogate was written in it's entirety on a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. At the time I didn't own a computer, but I didn't let that stop me. After the book was finished, I found a 2010 HP laptop at a pawn shop for $120.00 and immediately snatched it up. Best investment I've ever made.

That's not the only unusual thing about the novel, a paranormal romance. There's also the fact that the whole concept for the story came from a single scene in a dream sequence. My characters Xavier and Jaiden are based upon two young people whom I saw and heard in a dream. The beautiful young blonde woman was laughing and telling the guy with her, "You're so tall! I feel like a little person walking next to you!" That's when she notices her guy friend stop dead in his tracks, a sad look upon his face. He says, "That's what she always said to me." The girl responds with, "Oh baby!" Then, taken aback, she says, "Wait - what did I just say?" "You called me 'baby' " She says, "That's what I thought." Then, an awkward silence.

This was my dream, as crazy as it sounds. When I awoke, I thought, "Hey, I can do something with this!" I called my niece to bounce some ideas off of her, and Surrogate was born. That scene, the building block for the novel, was written exactly as I dreamt it, and is right there in black and white, just as it should be.

It just goes to show - never ignore your dreams, and never, ever give up on your dreams - and this is the legacy I'm leaving my six year old granddaughter, Destiny. She's my number one fan, and my rock star. None of this would mean anything without her. Stay tuned, ya'll.

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