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 A. H. Shelton is an Ovarian Cancer survivor who is currently still battling this disease. Her latest novel, Slim to None, is available on Click here to order yours today!

As an added bonus - all books are LARGE PRINT, for greater readability!

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This "Big Girl Romance" introduces feisty Southern girl, Kassidy Kane, in a story that will make you laugh, and break your heart...

Ya'll come on in!

It is with great Southern Hospitality that I welcome you! My name is April, aka A. H. Shelton, and I'm an Indie author from a little town in N.C. called Eden. As you explore the site, you'll find books to meet many tastes, including Paranormal Romance, Horror and "Big Girl Romance." Although my genres may change, you'll find that the characters are all genuine and relatable, the protagonists are strong women who won't be held down, and storylines that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
So, take your time and look around - I'm sure you'll find something you like. Click book titles to order your copies today!

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Fun Fact:

I came up with the idea for The Pharmacy while working at a local pharmacy. One day, I jokingly told my coworkers that if they didn't stop messing with me, "I'd put them into a book and kill them" I did! Each character is based on a coworker or myself. It was great fun to write, and each day a coworker would ask, "Did you kill me yet?" 

Karma, thou dost have wicked sharp teeth…

It’s business as usual at Winkles Pharmacy, but little do they know that they are about to have a very bad day indeed.

Katlego Yar’Adua is a woman scorned, and as they are about to learn, this is one lady you do not want to mess with.

You see, Katlego has a pet – not your typical cute and cuddly variety but rather, the brink of insanity type.

As the body-count rises, so do the suspicions of Detectives Matthews and Williams…but they will soon discover that this case will be like none they have ever dealt with before.

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Sometimes, the end is only the beginning...


Surrogate - Book 1 

Ana Elise Torres and Jaiden Knight are lifelong best friends. When Ana is suddenly killed in a car accident, her spirit enters Jaiden's body - unbeknownst to Jaiden, or Ana's fiancé, Xavier Ramirez. Suddenly the pair, who couldn't stand one another, are being drawn together by a force that they cannot Ana fulfills her plans of becoming a wife and mother, from beyond the grave. Surrogate will take you on a paranormal journey of love, deep abiding friendships, bitter betrayal and broken family bonds…and it will leave you yearning for more.


When evil comes for you, you'd better have some backup...

Sentinel - Book 3 is the final book in the Surrogate Trilogy. It follows the Ramirez family, as yet another paranormal onslaught unfolds. Jaiden Ramirez knew her sick, demented excuse for a father was dead - but not that he is in her daughter's home, terrorizing her family. Now, with the help of some special new "friends," Jaiden and Elise must battle pure evil in order to rid the world of the abomination that is Robert Knight. The explosive ending will blow. you. away.

Sometimes the bumps in the night aren't as scary as what waits in the light...


 For Keeps - Book 2 revisits the Ramirez family, and the dark family secret that divides them. Elise Ramirez, now a beautiful young woman, has headed off to college with her best friend, Rylan.

Frightening events begin to plague her, and Elise wishes with all her might that she was back at home, safe - until she meets handsome and charming Camden Bellencourt.

The more her fears become validated, the more she turns toward the new man in her life - but naive Elise will soon learn that what lurks in the shadows isn't always as scary as what's waiting in broad daylight...